The Team

Ariel Dorfman


Ariel has a Master in Communications and Human Rights from the National University of La Plata (UNLP), and is currently working on his thesis. At the Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism), he has worked in various roles, from coordinating educational forums, to working against antisemitism, sports and youth, as well as currently coordinating the department of Religious Diversity. Ariel works with many different businesses and organisations as a consultant in the area of Diversity Management. At the Institute, he has worked as the General Coordinator of the Observatorio de Discriminación en el futbol (Observatory on Discrimination in Football), and was responsible for the review of stereotypes found in school handbooks. He is currently an Advisor in the areas of Sport, Antisemitism and previously occupied similar roles in numerous other organisations and institutions. He has also been the director of different institutions and programs within the Argentinian Jewish Community. Ariel is a proud father of four, partner to Liora and a lifelong basketball player. Mondongo stew is also is absolute favourite food! 

Florencia Fisch

Content coordinator

A specialist in pedagogy and the teaching of diversity, Florencia has a Bachelor in Educational Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She also completed an Associate Degree in Free Time and Recreation (Tecnicatura Superior en Tiempo Libre y Recreación) in the Higher Institute of Leisure and Recreation (ISTLyR). In Fundación Abrir la Puerta, Florencia coordinated areas in various suburbs across Buenos Aires, where children could play in dedicated spaces called ‘juegotecas.’ She has also coordinated volunteer groups for teenagers, for a number of different organisations. Her university career has continued beyond her own academic pursuits. Firstly, by being assigned preparatory and administrative roles for the teachers of the course ‘Educación II’ for the B.A in Educational Sciences (UBA). Secondly, by tutoring for the unit ‘Diversidad Cultural en el deporte y los medios de comunicación’ for the B.A in Sports Journalism at the ETER – Escuela de Comunicación (School of Communication). She worked as the academic tutor at the boarding school of Club Atlético Independiente. She has coordinated work teams focused on non-formal education in various institutions. Florencia trains people in subjects related to creativity, recreational resources, diversity, gender and didactics, in institutions as wells organisations. She participates in the management and coordination of workshops and projects related to gender issues. More than being an excellent educator, Florencia is also an auntie, Martín’s partner, a great friend, a lover of lemon ice cream, is fascinated by mountains, a lover of football, a percussionist in COMBI and in her free time is an aerial dancer.

Tomás Kobrinsky

Administration and Development Coordinator

Tomás has been a volunteer for the Foundation since its inception and has filled a number of roles before becoming our Development Coordinator. He lends his expertise on leadership skills, group dynamics and bullying in various informal educational spaces. He worked as an Observer for an official body which sought to uncover discriminatory practices at the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) playoffs for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. For more than 10 years he has worked in the area of non-formal education with the sports Club Náutico Hacoaj in Buenos Aires Province. Personally, he spent his pre-school, primary school and high school with the Club, and is currently the Coordinator of their Leadership Program. Tomás has also been a teacher in middle school. He likes to get together with friends, drink mate, eat chipá and watch episodes of Los Simuladores.

Jenny Mahfoda

Programs and Projects

Jenny has a Bachelor of Psychology from the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. She has worked in non-formal education for 12 years and has coordinated various educational projects, mainly with children and teenagers. As the Director of the Youth and Education Department in the Centro Social, Cultural y Deportivo Hebraica, a jewish institution in Caracas, she coordinated activities for primary school children. In Buenos Aires Province she engaged in similar work at the Club Náutico Hacoaj. She has experience in the development of groups, leadership skills and strategic planning. Jenny is Venezuelan, Jewish and loves her family. A passion for the sea, sunsets, trees, dancing and travelling propels her to always live life to the fullest and gives her meaning every day.

Patricia Peralta

Graphic Designer

Patricia is a graphic designer who studied at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She is also a photographer and a specialist in editorial design. For more than 15 years she has worked in the world of education, specifically in the graphic design of materials for teachers and students in Buenos Aires. As a freelance designer for publishers, a variety of foundations and non-government organisations, she gained experience making publications and making many different types of media content. Currently, she is specialising herself in the design and development of digital publications which are accessible to people with disabilities. She loves football, cooking, listening to music, singing, traveling and eating ice-cream. She is also a little stubborn and loves her family.

Board of Directors



Liora is a woman, a professional and a mum. Liora studied a Master in Communication and Culture, and completed a Bachelor of Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. She specialised herself in communication with a focus on diversity. She is the co-author of “Como Criar Hijxs No Machistas” (How to Raise Not Sexist Children), “¿Qué otros soy yo?” (What Others Am I?) and “¿Qué otros sos vos?” (What Others Are You?). Liora is a consultant for the International Labour Organisation, a non-formal educator and teaches about issues related to education, communication, new perspectives and approaches to diversity. Currently, she works in an institution which promotes the rights of children and strong social action. She leads institutional strengthening projects and programs of community education. Liora was the Communications Coordinator in various institutions like Memoria Abierta and CIPPEC, as well as the informations editor for the website of Fundación Telefónica Argentina (Argentine Telephone Foundation). A good day for her is when she finds the time to listen to music, read and walk. She relishes spending time with the most important women in her life.


Vice president

Baruj has a Master in Contemporary Philosophy and is a university Professor of Pedagogy. He is the Pedagogical Director of the Dirección General de Educación de Gestión Privada (Directorate of Private Education) for the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. He is the only non-medic board member of the Ethics Committee at FLENI (a private hospital in the city of Buenos Aires) and the ex-Director of ORT Argentina. As part of a long career serving the jewish community of Buenos Aires, he is also a professor of a course on contemporary jewish thought at the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano. This institution is the only Ibero-American centre dedicated to jewish academic and spiritual formation.



Pascual dedicated himself to the textile industry his entire life. He is a Sheide (grandfather), retired, born in the country and grew up in Rivera, in the Province of Buenos Aires. 

Arturo Kobrinsky


Arturo is a Public Accountant who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He has always worked in various businesses, domestically and internationally, in the area of Administration and Finance.
The theatre is one of his favourite pastimes, not only as a spectator but also as an actor. For 35 years he has played in the same football team.

Vanina Volosín Menéndez

Board Member

Vanina studied a Bachelor of Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Vanina worked as an interviewer for the Visual History Archive for survivors of the Holocaust, a project by Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation. She worked as the Youth Coordinator at the Foundation Memoria del Holocausto, which is the directive body of the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires. She is involved in the work of the museum and was recently the Coordinator of the temporary exhibition “Ana Frank, una historia vigente” (Anne Frank, a topical history), which made its way across the country in various museums. She was also involved in the coordination of the exhibition titled “Los Jóvenes y sus Derechos” (Young People and their Rights), across the entire country. At the Banco Mundial, she worked as the consultant for the project “Feria del Desarrollo” (Development Convention) and the “Latin American Youth contest” organised by the bank. She works as the Coordinator of training in Foundation Prosalud, based in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina. Vanina is the Director of Institutional Relations at the Dirección General de Políticas de Juventud (Directorate of Youth Policy) for the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. As a writer, she has participated in publications like “Argentina Invertebrada” by the UBA and co-authored the chapter “La mirada diaria” on media and communication, by the Consejo de Educación Secundaria (Council of Secondary Education) in Uruguay. In the last couple of years she has involved herself more in the business world.

Carolina Buceta

Council member

Carolina completed a Bachelor of Psychology and is a specialist in systematic therapy for families. She works as an external contractor for the national Ministry of Education giving workshops on the Programa Nacional de Educación Sexual Integral (National Program of Comprehensive Sex Education). Providing various workshops and programs for a wide variety of organisations, Carolina also affords her expertise to organisations in different public spheres where issues of inclusion, women’s rights and disability are discussed. She worked as a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Argentine Social Museum (UMSA), in the degrees of Music Therapy and Psychology. She has always worked in courses which tackle issues of disability and human rights. Currently, she is working in the management department for the Dirección General de Niñez y Adolescencia (Directorate for Childhood and Adolescence) for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, specifically in the strengthening of professional relationships with people and businesses as well as on social media.

Advisory Board



Mercedes is a trained psychologist. She is a specialist in notions of accessibility and topics related to people with disabilities, sexual diversity, children, adolescence and communication. She works as part of the Observatorio Nacional de Medios de Comunicación (National Communications and Media Authority), and as part of the technical team at the Ministry of Education in charge of implementing the Programa Nacional de Educación Sexual Integral (National Program of Comprehensive Sex Education). At this time, she works in the Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism). She also forms part of the technical team at the Secretaría Nacional de Niñez, Adolescencia y Familia (National Secretary of Childhood, Adolescence and Family).


Carmen is a lawyer and a Member of the Comisión de Juristas Indigenas en La Republica Argentina (Comission of Indigenous Jurists in the Republic of Argentina). She is a Youth Representative of Indigenous Peoples at the United Nation. She is the Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples programs at the Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism).


Enrique studied at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) as a lawyer. He is a specialist in environmental law and development law. Currently, he works towards ending environmental racism in all its forms. In the Faculty of Law at the UBA he is also a teacher.


Silvia has a PhD in Philosophy and Literature and is a professor at the University of Buenos Aires. She is a prominent researcher in the area of Queer. She is a professor of Education Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de Entre Rios (National University of Entre Rios). At the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (National University of La Plata) she teaches PhDs and Masters.


Facundo studied Sports Journalism at the Círculo de Periodistas (Circle of Journalists). He continued his studies of Journalism at the University of Argentine Social Museum (UMSA) and completed a Master of Human Rights at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (National University of La Plata). He is a founder and member of the group Jóvenes por la Igualdad (Youths for Equality). Between 2005 and 2009 he was elected to the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Between 2006 and 2007 he filled the role of president of the Comisión de Derechos Humanos, Garantías Y Antidiscriminación (Commission of Human Rights, Guarantees and Anti-discrimination), still in the Legislature of the city of Buenos Aires. Currently, he is president of the Comisión de Vivienda (Housing Commission) of the city, a role he has occupied since 2008.


Kurt has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Public Health from the University of Buenos Aires. He is the Executive Director of Fundación Huésped. He is a full member of the Mecanismo Coordinador de Pais de la Argentina (Mechanism Coordinator of Argentina) which is responsible for the management and strategic planning of projects financed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In this global organisation he represents the Sociedad Argentina de Sida (Argentinian Association for People with HIV) and he also works as their Secretary. Kurt is the creator of project LUSIDA, a program which fought against the spread of HIV, which was joint funded by the Ministry of Health and Banco Mundial.


Leonardo studied a Bachelor of Social Communications Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. He perspectives were influenced through his participation with various zionist jewish institutions, especially the Hagshamá organisation branch in Argentina, where he served as their Project Coordinator. He was also on the Board of the Fundación Horacio Hasper. Presently, he serves as the Cultural Director of a jewish community organisation called CISSAB, as well as the Youth Coordinator at the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (Argentine Jewish Mutual Aid Society).


Marcelo is a journalist, producer and audio editor. He is the Director at the ETER – Escuela de Comunicación (School of Communication). He is the Editor for the website “Cultura y Medios” (Culture and Mediums). He was a teacher from 1999 to 2005 in Taller Escuela Agencia, a private journalism school based in Buenos Aires.


Lidia is a student of Law at the Instituto Universitario de Madres de Plaza de Mayo (University Institute of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo). She is a former detainee and social activist for the rights of all people deprived of their liberty. She has received national recognition as a distinguished and outstanding person by the National Congress of Argentina. Lidia has written on numerous issues and among her most prominent work is the book Intensidades de Mujer (Strengths of Women).


María is a plastic artist, a journalist and an activist for Afro-Argentinian issues. She is involved in the activities of the Movimiento Afrocultural (Afro-Cultural Movement). She is also part of the Intercultural team at the Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism).


Lourdes studied a Master of Communication and Human Rights. She is in charge of the Asociación de Mujeres Unidas, Migrantes y Refugiadas en Argentina (Association of United Women, Migrants and Refugees in Argentina). She is the National Coordinator of the Red Nacional de Migrantes y Refugiadxs (National Network of Migrants and Refugees). Lourdes also teaches Afro-Peruvian dance classes.


Darío is a philosopher who has taught in primary schools, in high schools, in vocational schools and in universities at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The national Argentinian television channel called Encuentro produces a show on philosophy titled Mentira la Verdad (Lie the Truth). Darío presents this show, which has continued to win numerous prizes internationally. He also worked extensively in the area of cultural management. He was the Editorial Manager for the publishing company Eudeba in Buenos Aires.


Graciela is a History Professor at the National University of Luján. She is a Postgraduate Coordinator for students studying comprehensive sexual education at the Instituto Superior del Profesorado “Dr. Joaquín V. González” (Superior Institute of Teaching “Dr. Joaquín V. González”). As a specialist on the issue of gender, she currently works as the Director of the Museo de la Mujer Argentina (Museum of Argentine Women).


Mónica studied law at the National University of Lomas de Zamora. She is a teacher and Principal of a secondary school in Buenos Aires called Escuela Filii Dei. She is the Coordinator of Proyecto Kellun (Project Kellun) located in Instituto Parque Barón, which is a movement promoting solidarity with rural and under-funded public schools. Mónica is a Professor of Social Sciences, with specialities in politics and citizenship.


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Demian Kaltman

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